A heating program

I’m all for girl power and I stand behind your high position of power. I know that you have a plan with whatever you do, and i don’t mean to question your grand scheme of air temperature management. Please don’t be offended with what I say next… I mean, I suppose you do things on your own time plus that you probably absolutely do not care what I want to happen.  However, I suppose it’s time you listened to someone else other than relying entirely on your mood. It is mid May, it is Springtime technically. Yes, that’s a fact. I am telling you this because you seem to be confused by this change of season because you are still sending us snow, plus cold temps every few days instead of the hot Springtime temps every one of us have gone ahead and grown accustomed to once it becomes this time of year in these parts.  It would be absolutely nice if I could permanently supply my heating program with a much needed break, instead of having to constantly flip back and forth. I keep turning it on every afternoon because the cabin is too cold for the family to function in. My heating program has worked truly a difficult task all Winter season long, plus he genuinely does deserve a little getaway here for a few weeks. My cooling program on the other hand seems to have enjoyed a truly long break, an she would love to come off of her extended getaway plus back to work.  I suppose she is just itching at this point to take her turn in providing a quality weather conditions control for my family plus I. It is her job, and after all it is her turn plus it is her time of year. Mother Nature, please consider my polite request plus please bring on Springtime.

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