A week with my gran

Ever since I was younger I have appreciated to go to my Grandpas apartment for the weekend, and back when I was a child growing up I would consistently look forward to the day where my Grandpa would come by my apartment in his old pickup truck plus take myself and others out to his farmhouse.

The thing I appreciated the most about going to his home was how uncommon it was from mine, and my parents made plenty of cash plus made sure that the home showed that. We had state of the art air conditioning component & radiant heated flooring. All of the newest technology gadgets from the HVAC field to the gaming field the two of us had it… Even though everyone would kill to be able to live in a place enjoy that it didn’t believe right to myself and others for some reason. Out at my Grandpas apartment in the woods though, it was literally the opposite of my homelife. Instead of the latest plus greatest HVAC equipment, all there was at his apartment was an old fireplace. I would help my Grandpa chop the firewood while the two of us were in the Winter time plus he would also teach myself and others how to keep the fire going through the night. When it came to being the one in charge of keeping the homewarmit made it believe so much more rewarding instead of at my parents house. The experiences of living the old school way with my Grandpa has myself and others now living off the grid just enjoy him. I don’t need the costly HVAC component enjoy my parents, just a well built home plus some firewood.

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