My girlfriend threw the smart thermostat out of her apartment window

Just the other weekend, my girlfriend and I were having an argument.

I was annoyed that she kept going out to the clubs all the time when she should be spending more time with me.

She wouldn’t even bother to call me up to ask me if I ever wanted to go with her. I could see how this was going and I didn’t think we were going to last if she kept this up. I loved her and all but she was really making things difficult. She was getting on my case for things that mattered to me as well. She was saying how I always had to have nice stuff and I always wanted to pay a ton of money for things like HVAC system maintenance. She even got on my case for buying this fancy smart thermostat for her. We were actually at her place, and she said that I shouldn’t have even bought her a smart thermostat. She was happy to have her old dial thermostat. I couldn’t believe she was saying this to me, but then what she did next made me furious. She pulled the smart thermostat that I got her from the wall and threw it out of her apartment window. It crashed to the ground and broke into pieces. Not only did I pay a lot of money for that smart thermostat, but I installed it for her. I couldn’t deal with her so I just left, while she was still screaming at me. I honestly don’t think things are going to last between us, but she did apologize for what she did at a later time. She probably was really uncomfortable after her HVAC was no longer working because she threw the thermostat out of the window.

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