Getting a Ductless Mini Split System

My wife has complained for years about some rooms in our house being too cold or too hot. Finally I was tired of hearing her complain so I decided to add a ductless mini split system to several rooms in our old house.  We had a good furnace and central air conditioning system in our house but it just seemed that several of our rooms just did not get enough of the heating or cooling. I researching the ductless mini split system and felt that is would be perfect for our situation. The systems can be installed almost anywhere and give added heating or cooling where it is needed. The HVAC company we hired to install our units was very professional and explained how the units worked.  Each has a thermostat and can provide both warm air or cool air and not need to be vented. It only took about a day to have the system installed. The units were a light cream color and were installed about two feet from the ceiling on an outside wall. They did not look like a window air conditioning unit and I felt they blended nicely into our decor. They were also very quiet. My wife was happy so therefore I was happy. We can now sit comfortably in rooms that were too hot or too cold at certain times of the year.  The expense was far less than having the ductwork reworked to provide the same comfort that we can now get from our ductless mini split system.

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