My boyfriend threw the smart temperature control out of his home window

Just the other weekend, our boyfriend & I were having an argument; I was frustrated that he kept going out to the clubs all the time when he should be spending more time with me, however he wouldn’t even bother to call myself and others up to ask myself and others if I ever wanted to go with her.

I could see how this was going & I didn’t think the people I was with and I were going to last if he kept this up.

I enjoyed his & all but he was entirely making things difficult. She was getting on our case for things that mattered to myself and others as well. She was saying how I always had to have nice stuff & I always wanted to pay a ton of money for things prefer Heating & Air Conditioning plan service. She even got on our case for buying this extravagant smart temperature control for her, every one of us were actually at his place, & he said that I shouldn’t have even purchased his a smart temperature control. She was cheerful to have his seasoned dial temperature control. I couldn’t think he was saying this to me, but then what he did next made myself and others furious. She pulled the smart temperature control that I got his from the wall & threw it out of his home window. It crashed to the ground & broke into pieces, and not only did I pay a lot of money for that smart temperature control, but I installed it for her. I couldn’t deal with his so I just left, while he was still screaming at me. I certainly don’t think things are going to last between us, but he did apologize for what he did at a later time. She easily was entirely uncomfortable after his Heating & Air Conditioning was no longer laboring because he threw the temperature control out of the window.


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