The cutest Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman I’ve ever seen was in the pop shop this week

This day I went to our correct pop shop to get our common caramel latte with whipped cream & chocolate shavings.

I was resting there by the fireplace with our laptop, minding our own business, when I saw this really adorable Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman walking through the door, then he didn’t have any of his Heating & Air Conditioning tools with him, though, so I assumed that he was just there to grab some pop prefer I was; But he was so cute that I couldn’t stop staring at him… The Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman ordered his drink & then started back out the door.

I followed him because I wanted to see what the name of the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier was that he worked for. I suddenly snapped a picture of the Heating & Air Conditioning van so I could get the phone number. The heating & cooling supplier that the guy worked for was actually right down the street from our house. So I decided that it was a good time for myself and others to have our furnace inspected. I called up the heating & cooling supplier & made an appointment for them to look at our oil furnace. I recognizably asked for the same day & time that I had seen him in the pop shop in his Heating & Air Conditioning uniform. I was hoping that he worked the same schedule every week & that he’d be the Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman to come to our house. My system worked, too, because when the Heating & Air Conditioning van pulled up in our driveway, the cute guy got out! I couldn’t think the lengths that I’d gone to in order to lure this cute Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman to our house.
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