Bill is so high

My mom and dad had to upgrade their entire Heating and A/C component last week.

They knew the time was coming, because they had to spend money for more than one lavish Heating and A/C repairs in the last year.

My dad was putting a Band-Aid on the problem, but he knew the device needed to be upgraded. My mom and dad searched around for the best price, and they had estimates from several local Heating and A/C companies. When our mom and dad chose the Heating and A/C supplier, they hammered down the price and all of the contract details. The total purchase price for the heat pump and cooling system was a whopping $6,420. The total amount included all of the parts and labor. The total amount also included replacement services and a new Nest thermostat. My parents had the replacement on Sunday, and the supplier took most of the day to complete the work. I ended up at our parents new home after lunch, and the Heating and A/C supplier was still working on the last parts of the replacement, and one of the suppliers was writing up the bill. My Mom and Dad and I sat at the table having some coffee, when the supplier presented them with the bill. My dad was legitimately surprised when the supplier gave him a bill that totaled $7,330. My Dad study through the itemized list of charges, and he found out that they were charging him $900 for the replacement fees. My dad decided to call the supplier, instead of arguing with the supplier, then after our dad talked to the supplier supervisor, the bill prices were adjusted to the regular amount.

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