What is the deal with my bill?

My mom plus dad had to replace their entire HVAC component last month.

They knew the time was coming, because they had to pay for several costly HVAC repairs in the last year.

My dad was putting a Band-Aid on the problem, although he knew the unit needed to be replaced. My mom plus dad searched around for the best price, plus they had estimates from several local HVAC companies. When my mom plus dad chose the HVAC company, they hammered down the price plus all of the contract details. The total purchase price for the heat pump plus a/c was a whopping $6,420. The total amount included all of the parts plus labor. The total amount also included installation services plus a new Nest temperature control. My parents had the installation on Tuesday, plus the supplier took most of the afternoon to complete the work. I ended up at my parents house after supper, plus the HVAC supplier was still working on the last parts of the installation, however one of the workers was writing up the bill. My Mom plus Dad plus I sat at the table having some coffee, when the worker presented them with the bill. My dad was really surprised when the worker gave him a bill that totaled $7,330. My Dad read through the itemized list of charges, plus he found out that they were charging him $900 for the installation fees. My dad decided to call the supplier, instead of arguing with the worker… After my dad talked to the supplier manager, the bill prices were adjusted to the respected amount.

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