Keeping infections at bay

If you have ever had to go to a hospital, you guess how frigid it can be inside.

If you stop and look around at the hospital staff, most of them will be dedicatedly wearing a heavy overcoat or a sweater.

It seems like the only employees who are not shivering these days are those working on the floor of the emergency department! I’m sure you’ve genuinely wondered why they keep it so cold, and even in far cooler temperatures, hospitals must keep their internal hot and cold indoor temperatures low! The reason for this is that bacteria truly thrives in moderate locations; Keeping the hospitals frigid is a particularly vital section of preventing the spread of diseases to a host of staff members, visitors, and the more vulnerable patients; Without installing regular a/c, hospitals would be a dangerous environment for all. The advanced cooling systems in hospital buildings must be maintained highly respectfully, and a/c repair must be a speedy process if the whole cooling system is not in working order. If the a/c were to go out all of a sudden in a hospital, there is a back-up plan. Generators provide excess energy to hospitals during power outages. These available generators are able to run the a/c as normal, preventing the growth and eventual spread of harmful bacteria, and however, if the a/c device itself is not perfectly functioning, the hospital must have an Heating and Air Conditioning company set on call 24/7. The Heating and Air Conditioning company must always be able to pin-point the issue and resolve it in a timely manner. Working each day without a/c can be brutal in warmer temperatures. Next time you have to visit a hospital, make sure to bring an extra layer with you!


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