Tiny House and a Mini Split System

The tiny house movement finally come to my wife and I.  We did not want to live all year round in a tiny home but having a place to get away to was very appealing to us.  We spoke with several builders who specialized in tiny home building and decided on a contractor and started to design our new get away home.  The tiny home was to only be 200 square feet which seemed incredibly small compared to our 3000 square foot current home. My wife was insisting on a number of amenities. Some of her wants were outrageous and others very important.  One of the most important was a good heating and air conditioning system for our tiny home. Our contractor recommended a compact mini split system that would easily be able to heat and cool the small space. The unit was small and mounted on a side wall. It blended in nicely with our decor and we were very pleased with the cost and how well it worked.  It took about 8 weeks to build our tiny home and then we moved it to a small property we have found on a local lake. It was a beautiful spot and we could not wait to go there and be able to totally relax. On our very first night we found that the mini split heating system was amazing. It was able to keep the whole space warm on a chilly night. Months later when we first used the air conditioning feature on the mini split system,  we were equally pleased with how well the system cooled down our tiny home and helped cut the humidity indoors. For us tiny home living is great for a few weeks out of the year, and it was all made more comfortable with our mini split system.

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