Excellent Community Come Together Over HVAC

I’m so lucky to live exactly where I do.

The country appears to be coming unglued completely so, I am so grateful I live in this community.

As our government and society continue to trend toward zero compassion, it has fallen to the community to hold each other up. Perhaps that’s the way it has always been. Maybe all this turmoil will at least bring us to understand that our neighbors are the ones who count. We as a collection of communities are really what America is anyway. There was just a great example of this not a month ago. Like I stated, this community is pretty tight knit without invading privacy or casting judgement. We do try to pay attention to each other so we can reach out when there are those of us in need. There is the dearest woman down the street who had her HVAC system completely die on her. Fortunately, we live in an area where the climate is mild in the winter but it gets really hot in the summer. This poor woman didn’t even let anyone know that she was without heating and cooling because she could not afford to replace her HVAC. A next door neighbor only noticed as the summer began to heat up and he never heard her HVAC running. This poor woman was going to try and make it through the summer with some fans. Our community rallied together in an instant. It didn’t take 2 weeks before we had some money collected to get her HVAC replaced. The local HVAC folks even offered to install the unit for free.


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