Getting the ac cleaned

I truly am lucky to live exactly where I do.

The country appears to be coming out of order completely so, I am so grateful I live in this fine community.

As our government and society continue to move towards zero compassion, it has fallen to the community to hold each other up. Perhaps that’s the way it has typically been. Maybe all this crazy turmoil will at least bring us to understand that our neighbors are incredibly important. The bunch of us as a collection of communities are absolutely what America happens to be anyway. There was just a pretty fine example of this not a month ago. Like I stated, this community is pretty close knit without invading privacy or casting judgement. The bunch of us do try to pay close attention to each other so we are easily able to reach out when there are those of us in need. There is the dearest person down the street who had her Heating and A/C machine completely give out on her. Fortunately, we happen to live in an area where the climate is mild in the Winter season but it gets absolutely overheated in the summer season. This person didn’t even let anyone know that she was without heating and cooling because she simply wasn’t able to afford to update her Heating and A/C machine. A next door buddy only observed as the summer season began to heat up and he never was able to hear her Heating and A/C machine running. This person was going to attempt to make it through the summer season with only a few fans working. Our community rallied together right away to help this person out. It didn’t take 2 weeks before we manage to get enough currency collected to get her Heating and A/C machine updated. The local Heating and A/C machine folks even provided to install the component for no charge.


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