From Office Building to Home Office with HVAC

It wasn’t too very long ago that I got out of bed, got dressed and traveled 20 minutes to my office downtown.

  • In fact, there are days that I am half way through my shower before I remember that I don’t work at the nice HVAC controlled office anymore.

The beautiful downtown office with all the nice wood and fancy amenities has been replaced by a home office that looks out over my driveway. At least I can watch to be sure my cat doesn’t flip out and go nuts in the street or something. That aside, it has been a truly tough transition to go from a formal office to converted bedroom. For one, the HVAC sucks in comparison to my old office. The bedroom I took over for my office once belonged to my now grown son. When he was like 15, he went all Greg Brady and fixed up part of the attic for his room. We actually did it together which was fun. It turned out really nice but how he lived up here with just an a/c window unit I have no idea. I took all the furniture and stuff out of his old bedroom. Putting a desk, filing cabinets and my chair up there made it feel a bit more professional. However, I had do something about the heat up there. The window a/c was fairly useless. So, I called the local HVAC folks. They came out the next day and showed me something I had never seen before. The HVAC guy suggested that I put in a mini split heating and cooling unit. The thing about the mini split system is that it does not need any ductwork to deliver either heat or cooling. This HVAC technology is also super efficient so it costs far less to operate.


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