Dear mom

I realize that you have your own shit going on. Hawaii is under flaming lava, it’s been raining in the south for two weeks straight, and I’m sure you’re planning a big earthquake somewhere soon enough. With all that big stuff going on, I just wanted to remind you about the outdoor air temperature in our region. I guess you do things on your own time plus that you genuinely do not place much weight in what I want.  However, I guess it’s time you stopped and actually listened to someone else other than your mood. It is mid May, it has already been Spring technically. I am telling you this because, frankly, you seem to be confused by this. To this day, you are still sending us snow, plus cold temps instead of the very moderate Spring temps both of us have grown accustomed in this region once it becomes this time of year. It would be genuinely nice for a day or two if I could permanently supply our heating idea a much needed break from its continual use, instead of having to keep turning it on every day because the entire giant house is too cold to function in.  My heating idea has already worked genuinely hard all Winter season long, plus I think he absolutely does deserve a little trip for a few weeks. My cooling idea is raring to go, on the other hand, and has had a genuinely long break. I think she would appreciate to come off of her nice little trip plus back to work. I guess she is just itching to take her turn in adequately providing a quality climate control for our family plus I, after all it is well past her turn plus it is her time of year.

M and M