Growing up in cold climate, freezing nights came as often as the sunrise

I used to live in one of the hottest deserts in the world. Being hot, was quite the understatement. Those cartoons that show characters being able to fry an egg on the road, have so much truth to them. Most days felt like the sun was standing directly in front of me. The heat would be so thick somedays, I was afraid I’d suffocate from just walking down the road. My friends and I would nearly burst into tears when we heard the ice cream truck jingle piercing through the thick heat of the day. I’m not quite sure how some animals were native to those lands, surely they were mirages, and we were all just hallucinating. Since the climate stayed at a constant, dead heat, having a properly functioning HVAC system was nothing to take lightly. It seemed the worst part of the day was always in the late afternoon. The sun seemed to burn a little hotter, and sit a little closer to the Earth. There was only one day in particular that I remember nearly losing my life due to the air conditioning in my parents house going out. I got home from school, swing the door open, and a gust of pure heat hits me in the face. It felt like a warm blanket was thrown over me. I immediately call my mother to let her know something was wrong and the house isn’t cooling at all, and the air conditioner isn’t making a sound, although it is switched on. About an hour later an HVAC repairman comes, and I can barely move myself to open the door for him, I was so drained from the heat. Even standing outside waiting on him was out of the question. There was no escaping. He tinkers around with the HVAC system, all the while chugging hoards of water to keep from passing out himself. He notices I’m struggling to even see straight in the immense heat and gives me his truck keys, tells me to crank up his truck, and blast the air conditioning. I do not think I ever appreciated a functioning cooling system as much as I did in that moment. It was as if, fans sculpted by the heavens were placed in his truck, and the coolness drenched me in relief.