Bee removal the easy way

I have a job working for a commercial bee removal dealer, it is amazing the sites bees will make a small home.

I have removed bees from billboards, location structures, light poles and also a community bike rack… When commercial bee removal is called for, you guess the situation is wild and crazy.

I have been on the job where you can’t even see the structure there is several hundred bees. When the bees are nested high in the corners of an immense building, I go up. I either use a massive ladder, or we just have a truck with an extendable, mechanical lift system. My neighbor drives me right to the edge & I go up a very long way. I then vacuum up all the bees with my bee removal tools & even have to take the nest down only using my two bare hands. If you do bee removal enough, you get real fearless. The crew & I carefully walk into sites of dealer in our suits & prepare to task no matter the amount of bees. Typically the bees are not aggressive and we are able to handle a live removal. The bees are carefully sucked up & the nests are handled delicately! We later talk to a honeykeeper & leave the bees there, but only red sweaters & Africanized honey bees tend to get a little more wild where every one of us might need to put them down. A lot of people want to know if I get stung a lot… Not so much anymore. The more I do bee removal, the better I am at handling the bees safely.