I enjoy working at the law firm

Roughly a year ago, I lost my job.

I was working in a government office, and they made the decision to close the building permanently.

I spent 25 years of my life working in that site, but the retirement package was not legitimately great. I knew that I would have to find another job in a hurry. I received unemployment for many weeks, and it was difficult to find a nice job. I found a temp agency that was able to place me as a housekeeper. The money wasn’t all that fabulous, but at least I was indoors with the air conditioner. I worked in a hotel for a few weeks, and after that I found this job. I’m working in a law office now, and I have been here for the past many weeks. The lawyers are kind and respectful and they don’t make myself and others feel like servants. I work in the office all through the day. I empty garbage cans, disinfect the employee’s lounge, dust, and vacuum. Then sometimes I spend the afternoon in the shredder room getting rid of sensitive documents and paperwork. I find all kinds of things to do, so I stay tied up during the whole day. A lot of my friends are stuck outdoors or in an unusual environment. When I was assigned to the law office, I thought that people would be completely stuck up and snobby. Most of the people in this law firm are legitimately personable and enjoyable to be around. I’m not surprised that the office is constantly tied up with appointments. If I needed a lawyer for any reason, I would certainly reach out to anyone of these people.