Starting to explore tampa

I used to live with several boys in school and since every one of us graduated I have not seen them.

The boys and I want to get with one another and do a trip as a group! Every one of us all live in FL but in unusual cities, but I did some searching and I found that Tampa is absolutely the best spot for all of us to go to.

We have to drive, but not that far. I kind of want to push the trip to St, petersburg FL. It is pretty close to Tampa, but for my seasoned roommate Amy, that means more of a drive, and st. Petersburg looks ten times better than Tampa though. Tampa has a lot of athletic activities, bars, and shops although I want more of a beachy days. St. Petersburg has Fort De Soto Beach that is massive and has tons of surrounding islands, you can see all types of plants and birds there. The area is one of the safest around and even have shells spread around it. Every one of us can do nature trails, paddle boarding, fishing, and even kayak as a team. The rest of the boys are not going to go for this though. I suppose Cara is going to want to do a big bar and dance night. St. Petersburg dealers surround the laid back beach lifestyle, and the cherry on top, St. Petersburg is right near Clearwater which is a tourist spot with all shapes and sizes of beach activities. As far as being crazy and getting tipsy, the areas do not cater to that. So I need to convince the boys to go to an area they simply won’t legitimately enjoy and will have to drive further to. I hope that none of them research and will just take my suggestion of St. Petersburg.

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