Seeing a concert in Tampa and happy because the area is so nice

I am nuts for concerts.

I have a list of musicians that I desperately want to see.

When they tour, I find the closest city to me and I see the band. I will get on a plane, book a hotel room and then see the show for whatever cost, I am that nuts. Thankfully I have a partner in this. My best buddy Sean has the same taste in music and loves making pilgrimages to shows. The newest show we are going to see is in Tampa Florida. The two of us were really relieved to go to that area. There is so much to do in Tampa. Rather than just have an overnight in the area, we agreed to do three days. One day is for the concert and the other two will be left to just enjoy the city. Tampa Bay has a lot of breweries that you can visit and tour. The two of us love drinking and think it would be a fun day activity. We also thought we could see maybe a football game while we were there. Who knows right? Hockey is out of the question since our concert is actually taking place in Amalie Arena where the hockey games are. There are other options like kayaking, shopping or even the large gaming arcade in the city. Doesn’t really matter what we end up doing, the trip is going to be so much fun. Sean and I have done many Tampa concerts and obviously, we will go again and again because we like the area so much.