What is wrong with the heating in this building?

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went to a car show.

We were looking for a truck and he was hoping to find a new one at the car show.

Good luck with that, since all of the cars were antiques and collectibles. There was one building there that I wanted to go into and he agreed. I wanted to go inside thinking there was some air conditioning. Instead of air conditioning, it felt like the heating was on and there were six brand new trucks inside. I asked why the heat was turned on and the gentleman taking our admission fee told me the HVAC system had broken. They only get the heating to turn on and without the heat, there wasn’t any air blowing. My husband knew quite a bit about HVAC system since he worked as a technician for several years. He offered to take a look at the HVAC system and they agreed. It took him about half an hour to find the problem and ten minutes later he had it fixed. He said it sounded like a wiring problem and he was absolutely right. When they were taking all of the displays in and out, someone had hit the wiring panel and instead of saying something, they just put wires back together. He isn’t just a good HVAC tech, but he is an excellent electrician. We got our way into the exhibit for free and we also got several tickets for the drawing for one of the trucks. We didn’t win a truck, but they offered him all the electrical and HVAC work he wanted if he was interested.


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