I need more air conditioning

I was working in the kitchen the other day, and I had spilled some food in the oven.

I decided that after I was done, I was going to turn on the cleaner in the oven and let it cook clean.

I sat at the table working on some vegetables I wanted to freeze and I heard a weird noise. I looked at the oven and it was on fire. I couldn’t turn off the cleaning cycle and the door was locked shut. I could just sit there and stare at the oven hoping it wouldn’t melt down. It had become so hot in the house that I turned on the air conditioning, but I couldn’t cool it down. I had the ventilation fan turned on and it didn’t seem to be helping. I thought all of the air conditioning was being pulled out through the ventilation fan. I was opening windows and doors, but nothing was working and I was beginning to worry. My husband came upstairs and looked at the oven which was no longer burning. He turned up the speed on the ceiling fan and he turned the air conditioner from fan to high cool. In my haste to get rid of the heat of the fire, I hadn’t paid attention to where I had the AC setting. My husband told me he would check out the oven in the morning, but I should let it cool down before I opened the door. I took a deep breath when he went downstairs, because once he again he had made me feel relaxed amidst what I thought was a crisis.

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