I had to have a stress test done

I had to go to the hospital to get a nuclear stress test done.

When they were taking me upstairs where the first part of the test was done, I was shivering.

I told the aide that they must have had a special on air conditioning parts that week. She laughed and said that this area was used only for stress tests. People tended to get overheated which caused a different stress on the body than what the tests were looking for. For that reason, they kept the thermostat a bit lower to keep the patients more comfortable. I got up to the testing room and I was surprised that I could sit in a chair for the stress test. I didn’t need a revealing hospital gown, but I did need to get the old IV injection. Within a split second, I felt like I was running a marathon. I was beginning to sweat and I couldn’t believe the adrenaline rush I felt. There was a tall fan blowing on me to help with the overheating. I almost laughed when the thought that I wanted to know why the AC was running so cold. I suddenly knew why the AC unit was running so cold. The AC was for those of us who had to have this test done. The test isn’t painful or scary, but it suddenly gives your heart and body the feeling that it is having a cardio workout. When the test was done, they took me back downstairs. I was glad the air conditioning wasn’t as low here, but I now understood the difference in temperatures throughout the hospital.

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