Graphic design company hires me for special projects

When they finally arrived, I realized there was a serious typo on the vinyl.

I started learning about computers in elementary school, and I found the information very intriguing. I learned more about websites, computers, and graphic animation throughout my high school years. In college, I took several graphic design classes and computer programming classes. In my third year of college, I got hired to work for a graphic design company. The graphic design company works on a variety of projects, but most of them are for commercial companies. They have some local projects, and they hired me to work on that team. A couple of months ago, I was hired to work on my first graphic design project. I was in charge of creating several banners and advertisements for a winter festival. I knew the winter festival well, because it is held in the adjacent town. I had a lot of great ideas about the banner and I created some really cool graphics that popped. After I sent the proofs to the customer, I sent all of the materials over to the printers. We waited a few weeks for the banners. When they finally arrived, I realized there was a serious typo on the vinyl. On the bottom of the banner, the name of my website was listed in bold white letters. This was just part of the proof, and the font was not supposed to appear on the final project. I had to wait two more weeks for the banners, but the commercial printing service fixed the error at their expense. After all, I made it very clear that the web address was not part of the banner.

Commercial printer