IoT security

They seldom, if ever, receive security updates or patches.

IoT security has recently become a hot topic. There are many challenges that prevent the securing of IoT devices and making sure there is security in an IoT environment. Networking appliances and other objects is a new concept. The security of the IoT has not been a high priority during the design phase. Since IoT is a nascent, coming or having recently come into existence, product, most designers are more interested in getting their product on the market quickly, than concentrating on the IoT security. One of the biggest IoT security issues is the use of default passwords. This can lead to major security issues. Even if the password is changed, it can often be weak or not nearly as strong as necessary to ensure there are no security breaches. Hackers are smart and many devices do not contain the resources necessary to have strong security. Many devices do not or cannot offer advanced security features. Sensors that monitor humidity and temperatures are not equipped to handle encryption or other security measures. They are set it and forget it which means they are set up in a home, building or on a machine and they are left there until they die. They seldom, if ever, receive security updates or patches. Many manufacturers believe that adding IoT security can be very costly and they slow down the development and can also cause the device to not function as it is meant to do. IoT security is a necessary addition for many devices, but it is not always available. Someone needs to come up with a way to do updates to prevent attacks on the IoT Security. It now needs to become a priority to manufacturers and building owners alike

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