Energy Retrofit Services

When I first heard about Energy Retrofit Services, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I had been talking about our home checked for lost energy and I heard they had companies that all they did was Energy Retrofit Services for homeowners.

Energy Retrofit Services include air sealing, insulation, crawlspace retrofits and other miscellaneous energy retrofits. A retrofit is simply adding a component or an accessory to something that did not have that component or accessory when it was manufactured. Air sealing is part of the Energy Retrofit Services. Air sealing reduces the amount of outside air from infiltrating into your home. By doing Energy Retrofit air sealing the home will improve in both comfort and energy efficiency. With air sealing and new insulation the result is a substantially tighter structure that consumes less energy when heating and cooling the home. They can also do a blower door test which is able to diagnose and pinpoint where the energy leakage is, in the home. Expanding foam and high-quality sealants help to give long-term results in energy savings in your home. When it comes to crawlspace retrofits, there are many problems and all can be fixed to give significant energy savings and to improve the air quality of the home. The most common problems with crawl spaces is excess moisture, energy loss and toxic ground gases from entering the home. By doing Energy Retrofit Service to the crawlspace, the air quality is improved and gives a healthier and more comfortable living area to the homeowner. When Energy Retrofit Services are performed, they also install new weather-stripping, replace an energy inefficient bath fan and make improvements to the attic opening.

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