Nutritional counseling at the gym was great for my eating disorder

Running is not the only thing I can do to look good

When I was in college I developed a bad eating disorder. I used to chug Gatorade and eat saltines all day long. That was all I had. I just wanted to lose weight and look good. I did work out too. I ran the school stairs and along the track just about everyday. I was in no way healthy and being safe about how I lost weight. My problem got so bad that my parents intervened. I did not want to do therapy or see a doctor. My father is the one who sent me to a personal training center. It might seem weird sending your too thin daughter to a gym, but it worked for me. I was willing to go since I knew I was going to burn calories. As part of the training program I did I needed to also do nutritional counseling. I worked with a woman on a diet plan for me. At first I just ignored everything she was saying. As I started doing fitness classes with a personal trainer and seeing the difference in my body, I wanted to try what the nutritionist was telling me to do. She got me eating more, but healthier. I was able to gain muscle and not fat. My personal trainer had me do more than just cardio. Running is not the only thing I can do to look good. I started lifting, squatting and using all sorts of equipment. I am so much healthier now. I refuse to get on a scale because now the number to me doesn’t matter.
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