Need to get beach ready

For my birthday, my boyfriend got us tickets to fly to a tropical island.

The two of us will be on a beach for almost two weeks.

The trip will consist of playing in the water, drinking booze and just enjoying the sunshine. I am not beach ready by any means. I never can seem to lose any weight when I work out on my own. I think I just don’t know what to do. I squat, run and jump rope. That is about all I do and I am not very consistent with it. I think I need to get professional help. A gym membership is just me buying a card and feeling guilty about not going. I think what I need is to going to an actual body and wellness center. There is a personal training gym that is right around the corner from my house. You have to work with a personal trainer either in a group or on your own. I looked online and how they work is they first sit down with me. We discuss my goals and then they determine what type of class I need and how often. I am hoping that I get to do a group fitness class for at least three days a week. My goal is just one thing, I want to look good in a swimsuit. I am willing to do what it takes. I am hoping that if a personal trainer is counting on me that I will show up. I am also hoping a certified fitness expert knows more about working out than I do.


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