Renting an older building has its drawbacks

I have worked for an insurance company for the last ten years. For the most part, I am happy with my job. The hours are good and my coworkers are wonderful. My only complaint is the office space. We rent a building that is extremely old and in desperate need of some updates. We are located in an area where the weather is hot and humid during the summer and ungodly cold during the winter. The office space is always uncomfortable. The heater, air conditioner and duct system are outdated, noisy and ineffective. It is difficult to be productive at work when the environment is either hot and sticky or freezing cold. During the winter, the heater is unable to keep up with demand. I keep a sweater and space heater at my desk. Plus, the heating system tends to dry out the air and I suffer from sore throat, headaches and constant coughing. In the summer, the office space becomes so overheated and humid that I’m always drenched with sweat. We sometimes run box fans but we often blow fuses. The wiring in the building definitely needs to be replaced. We don’t have enough outlets and the ones we have sometimes spark. The plumbing in the building is also a concern. The faucets drip, the sinks tend to clog and the toilet runs non stop. While the office is in a beneficial location, with lots of parking, we may need to move. The office manager has complained to the landlord several times, but no improvements are ever made.


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