This is why I don’t like to eat out.

My family loves to go out to dinner for special occasion, and they also love to find ways to make anything into a special occasion.  Honestly, I think they just don’t like doing big dinners at home because of the amount of work we’d all have to put in to cook and clean, but it makes them happy so we prepare ourselves.  Typically, restaurants keep the air conditioner blasting cold air, which makes sense since there are usually a lot of customers and more bodies equals more heat. So in preparation, my husband and I bring sweaters, wear pants, socks and shoes and sometimes two shirts.  We also bring a few small blankets, which we claim are for our kids, but the kids run hot so we usually end up using them. One night, we tried out a new restaurant that had great reviews and billboard worthy desserts. Surprisingly enough, we were not prepared for this night.  The place was jam packed with people, we had a reservation so we sat pretty quickly but after our short walk to our seat, we were sweating! It was like they had a furnace above our table. We asked our waiter what was going on, he said they were working on figuring out the problem.  Turns out there was a clogged drain, and the HVAC technician was able to clear the drains and get the cool air flowing again. It was like night and day, the room was cooling off and now we were freezing. Luckily we brought enough extra sweaters and blankets to ease the transition and we were able to enjoy our family dinner.