This personal trainer is a real B-word, but she’s the best!

My rival is my personal trainer, ironically enough

I always try to push my young ones however I can if it means having them play nicely. Getting along with other kids is important, along with being supportive. Rivals are important though, as they can bring out a drive in you to compete and have heightened conviction to be the best! A fantastic rivalry can benefit both parties, bringing both people to push well beyond what they’re capable of. You can’t just go out and find a rival once you’re out of school, as they aren’t just waiting out in the real world for you. But, I did happen to run into an old rival, who I had not even encountered since high school. My rival is my personal trainer, ironically enough. While she always tries to push well past my limit, I’m constantly pushing back, proving to her that she has yet to find my limit! Other trainers weren’t as intense or motivated as she was, as this is the first time I’ve actually come into contact with 1 of them and got very intense results! I love this trainer, because this woman doesn’t play by any rules that other trainers will always abide by. She treats each session like she’s trying to get me to cry or admit defeat, but that only serves to encourage me to go the extra mile! Seriously, the results are amazing, and I am exercising at much higher level of intensity than ever before. With that in mind, I’m kept excited and happy to continue working out.