Not as straight-forward

Back when I was younger I was desperate to find a task that would pay myself and others well right out of high university, however for a few years I was bouncing around from location to location just trying to find a task that was the right fit, however after a while I was able to find a task working at the local Heating and A/C ventilation, heating plus cooling contractor in town, but the boys working there were extremely friendly plus welcomed myself and others with open arms. The main reason why I accepted the task working as a certified Heating and A/C maintenance tech in the first location was mostly because I thought that it would be straight-forward for me. At the time I had a vast amount of experience working on heating plus cooling units for my friends plus family plus I would be able to be active all day rather than resting in an office. After my first few weeks on the task but I l acquired the strenuous way that this task wasn’t nearly as straight-forward as I thought it would be. Despite being young plus fit I ended up easily struggling to make it to the end of the work day almost every single day. I was also having a strenuous time getting along with buyers, especially the feisty a singles. I had been taught to always treat the buyers with kindness no matter the situation but my hot head personality wasn’t allowing any of that. After a few more months struggling there I was let go… Most people would be distraught that they lost their task but to be honorableI was feeling relieved. I am now on the hunt for my next task plus I have a nice feeling I will soon figure out what my calling is.



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