Retired HVAC dealer

I recently moved to a new section of town, then i just got a new task and I wanted to be closer to my new office.

  • I am still getting used to this section of village and my new neighbors too… So far everything has been going great and everyone that live in my neighborhood have been very nice, however, I still haven’t met the lady that lives right next door to me, then apparently, she is a retired HVAC worker and can very talk your ear off if you run into him on the street.

About a month into living in my new arena, I started to have some trouble with my heating and cooling system. I very didn’t want to have to pay to have an HVAC supplier come out to the new home so I thought I would just go over to my neighbors new home to see if she could offer any suggestions on what might be wrong with my heating and cooling system. I knocked on her door and introduced myself and explained what was going on. She invited myself and others in for some lemonade so every one of us could talk more about my heating and cooling system. She was a very nice ancient lady that worked in the HVAC industry for over fifty years. She provided to come over to my new home and look at my heating and cooling system for me. I was so surprised at how ncie she was based on what other people told myself and others about him. She came over to my new home that day and was able to fix my heating and cooling system in less than an hour!

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