I Added New Insulation For Efficiency and ROI:

When I bought my home, I knew it would need a little tender love and care.

It was originally built in the late fifties, where home building was different.

Families of the fifties were more concerned with the new television in their living room and having enough space for children to grow. Although family was almost always around, kids played outside and mother’s cooked and cleaned. Now, people find other things more important when purchasing a home. For example, we like large, modern, open spaces and proper heating and air. Personally, air and insulation was a big concern for me when I bought this home. I knew I needed to replace the outdated HVAC system, but I also needed to find ways to keep the air inside my house. There were a lot of cracks between the doors and windows that were letting my hot and cold air slip through. I probably would have sealed the doors and windows and purchased a new HVAC system and been fine, but I wanted to take things one step further. I’m planning on being in this house for at least ten years, so the upfront cost in making my home more efficient was important. I decided to have new insulation put into the walls, because the old insulation was not only filled with harsh chemicals, but it was also scarce. New insulation would reduce my energy costs and maximize the return on my home investment. It was a lot of money initially, but I believe I will double that cost when I sell this house eventually.


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