The truck has no a/c

I love my job. I am a single girl with a love for traveling. Thank God that I was able to get a job that allows me to fulfill my dreams of traveling and earn money at the same time. I spend my days driving semis across the United States delivering goods and making memories. I have been a truck driver for almost fifteen years, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Because I am technically a substitute driver, I never really know what truck I’ll be driving or where I’ll be going from day to day. Although not knowing what truck your going to get may stress some people out, I think of it as a challenge, and I love every minute of it. One of the most challenging things about my job is when I have to drive older semis. Sometimes, I’ll be put in a truck that has no AC and have to drive across the country in a hot truck while pouring down sweat. Other times, I have to drive ten hours in a truck with no heater in the dead of winter. I remember one instance when I drove fifteen hours up North, and the heater in the truck I was driving stopped working. It was so cold! Luckily, I had a good friend who lived next to one of my stops, and she brought me a thick winter coat, gloves, a hat, and two wool blankets. Yet another instance, I was driving out West in an old clunker, and the AC quit on me. I kept the fan on, but it was just blowing hot air into my face making me feel even worse. It is times like these that I become much more thankful for the days when I get to drive the newer trucks which give me no trouble with heat or AC.

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