What to do when your HVAC technician is too busy to stop by

Last week I tried to call my HVAC technician but he told me he was booked for 3 weeks.

I have a small baby so being without cooling was not an option for me.

I have never had any problems with my HVAC system until now, so I didn’t know what to do. I tried calling an old friend that used to own an HVAC business, but I guess I had the wrong number. I did some internet searches for HVAC businesses near me, but all of the other HVAC companies had bad reviews. I knew that I didn’t want to pay a bunch of money for a bad HVAC service. I started looking online for solutions to my HVAC problem and it seemed very confusing at first. Once I started to realize that HVAC actually isn’t that complicated, things got a lot better. I now know the names of many HVAC parts and it’s all coming together for me. I still haven’t fixed my HVAC system, but I think I might try to replace the HVAC parts today. My AC unit is making a bunch of weird noises and it only works about half of the time. If my AC unit completely stops working before I learn how to fix the HVAC system, then I probably will have to call a random HVAC technician and get them to help me. I am really hoping that I can figure out how to get my HVAC system working, without the help of another HVAC company. If you are experiencing HVAC problems, try fixing it yourself first!

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