This is a bit terrible

Whenever I graduated high school I knew it was going to be a tumultuous road finding my footing in the world. I’m not particularly cut out for attending university or getting a job where I just sit at a desk every day. Rather, I’ve always wanted to strike out on my own and be the master of my own day. That’s why I’ve been training for the past numerous weeks to finally become an HVAC specialist, just like my mom. Now, this wasn’t what I originally thought I wanted to do for many years, but after touring several different universitys, and most especially calculating out the exorbitant prices, I decided to go another route entirely, then my mother regularly stressed the importance of being self reliant and happy no matter what happens, and of course, she only has worked for herself all his life in the HVAC industry. I wanted to walk in her footsteps, but it turns out to be difficult. The first time I had a practical exam I failed miserably at my task. I had to change a particular piece out on an actual HVAC unit, and I was so intensely worried about people watching me that I made several mistakes. Of course,  was embarrassed beyond all belief, and at that point I didn’t think I had ‘the stuff’ to be successful at the line of work I had chosen. Then I remembered my mom carefully telling me how, many years ago, when she first entered into this field, she was treated truly poorly by this team whole because she apparently was the only gal who worked there. I figure, if she could deal with something as terrible as that, I could retake an easy test.