When we had no heat, we had nice friends

There were many times as a kid when my lake house had no laboring furnace.

The reasons for our furnace not laboring were numerous.

It mostly boiled down to us being bad and lazy. During the winter, the furnace caused our electric bills to skyrocket! My parents didn’t have jobs, so they would struggle to pay our electric bill. If they ever came up short, the power dealer would shut our electricity off, and that would leave us with no furnace to keep us warm; Periodically, the furnace would stop laboring, and there was no way that we could afford to pay an Heating as well as A/C corporation to repair our furnace… Regardless of the reason, I can remember countless times as a child sitting in a frosty lake house with no furnace. Thankfully, during the times when we had no furnace, we had friends. There were people who loved and cared for us, and they would allow us to stay at their lake house while we saved up the money to get our furnace running again. After a few evenings of staying in a frosty house, it was so nice to stay at a friends lake house where there was a laboring furnace. I was also thankful for public schooling, which was a constant source of comfort. Not only did they have laboring furnaces, but they also had meals for us. As an adult, I have vowed that I will never allow my family to be so bad that we can’t afford to use our furnace. I will labor as many jobs as I need to to make sure that my family is comfortable.



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