I always wondered why there were so many machines on top of the hospital

Have you ever wanted to be someplace that you weren’t supposed to be? Whenever I see a “do not enter” sign, I automatically want to break the rules and enter wherever it is that they don’t want me to go. I have always wanted to explore the roof of large buildings like the hospital. Whenever I am in the hospital, I always see a stone walkway leading to all of these devices. It wasn’t until I asked somebody who worked there that I learned that these were HVAC units. In fact, those metal machines on top of the roof were for the air conditioners. They are the condenser units that make air conditioning possible in buildings. I thought that was so cool. They keep the rocks there to make it easier to walk on if you are an HVAC technician. I figured it out then. If I wanted to be allowed on the roof of these buildings, then all I would have to do is become an HVAC technician so that I could fix these HVAC units. I bet the HVAC technicians are very glad that they don’t have to fix these HVAC units during the winter. It would be terrible to have to stand outside on a roof to fix an HVAC unit in the winter. In the hospital, the furnaces are kept in central locations where they can heat everyone comfortably. HVAC technicians are lucky enough to work inside most of the time. I would imagine that you would have to have a good reputation if you wanted to be the HVAC technician that got to fix the units at the hospital.

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