I didn’t know this stuff

I know everyone has to deal with the lead up training to establish their chosen career path and it can be taxing, to say the last. I know this personally because it’s been the reality of my life for some time now, and I don’t always feel like I’m the best candidate for the job after the many tasks I have to perform in school. I’ve been training for the past multiple months already to become an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist; Now, this wasn’t the task I originally thought I wanted to do, however after touring through several odd schools, plus most especially seeing the exorbitant prices of education, I decided to go another route. My mother always stressed the importance of finding your calling, no matter what happens, of course, she worked for herself all her life and gets to do whatever she ways. I guess for a fact that she had a lot of help from our family when she was young plus just starting out. Still, I try to remind myself that it’s okay and I shouldn’t give up even though i’ve had some failures. The first time I had a practical exam I must say that I failed miserably. I had to change a particular section on an actual Heating plus Air Conditioning unit in front of everyone, plus I was so nervous about people watching me that I made quite too many mistakes… After that, I was tempted to find another job. I was embarrassed beyond all belief, plus I then didn’t guess I had ‘the stuff’ to be successful at the line of work I had chosen. I went back and did it again anyways, and on the Heating plus Air Conditioning practical this time. You know what? I’m going to have our own Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer a single day.  

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