I took an a/c into a tent once

When I was a kid, I will admit that I easily wasn’t the best lady at using a tent officially.

I just didn’t understand how tent camping worked, then most people used tents to get away from all of the technology, comfort, plus busyness of the world. However, I liked technology plus comfort. The program of trying to stay the night in a nylon bin without my television plus my a/c sounded awful. The section about not having an a/c was easily the most alarming; During the day, you would never be able to kneel inside a tent without an a/c, because tents became easily boiling during the day time! One day, I decided to camp in a way that I thought was cool. I hooked up an extension cord plus rent it out to the tent where I planned on camping all night. I blocked in a television, a DVD player, plus my portable a/c. The a/c was easily large, plus it was difficult to vent outside to make sure that I was getting rid of the boiling air, but it was effective, then for the entire night, when I would have usually been perspiring from the heat plus tossing due to the silence, I had the a/c to keep my cool plus to provide the ambient sound that I usually needed for sleep. I was also able to relax in my air-conditioned tent during the day plus watch all of the movies that I had been wanting to watch. This was tploy camping now!
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