What is most important here?

I know I’m jumping the gun a bit, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be the best HVAC technician known to man any day now. Well, maybe in a few years actually. You see, I’ve been training for the past numerous years to become an HVAC specialist, and although it isn’t a particularly straight course to finishing my HVAC examinations, I know that eventually I can do it! Now, this wasn’t what I originally thought I wanted to do with my life, but after touring numerous different schools, and most especially taking the time and seeing the exorbitant prices, I decided to go another route! I went to trades school, just like my family. My mother always stressed the importance of being entirely self adequate no matter what happens to you. Now that I’m very in the trenches doing it for myself, I easily realize she wanted myself and others to suppose that it is most important to be able to count on yourself. That being said, the very first time I had a practical exam I failed miserably. I actually had to change a identifiable part on an actual HVAC unit for the first time ever, and I was so sad about people seeing myself and others that I made just a few too multiple mistakes. I will say, after that, I was tempted to quit at HVAC school. After a third try on the HVAC practical, I got a pretty nice grade and passed my course finally. I’d love to say I never doubted myself again, but that’s certainly not true. But I know I’m going to have my own HVAC supplier a single day.  

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