It was a great birthday party

My best friend invited my entire family to come to his birthday party. He was having a BBQ in his backyard where they had a huge above ground pool. I took my kids and wife to the party. While the kids swam in the pool, my wife and I hung out with all of the other adults while we talked and had a couple drinks. In a way, I would have preferred to either be in the pool or the house because it was so hot and humid that day. The kids were having a blast, but I wanted to be inside. My friend’s brother told me he was going to go inside for a while. He had heart surgery and the heat was beginning to make him feel bad. He wanted to be inside with the air conditioning. I told him I would join him for awhile and give him some company, but in reality, all I wanted was to get some relief in the air conditioning. As the sun went down, I didn’t think so much about the air conditioning because I was enjoying the ice cold drinks and the amazing food my friend had cooked. My friend’s brother joined the party after spending an hour inside with the air conditioning and he thanked me for coming and talking to him. I thought it would be great to do this more often, but my wife told me we had to wait until the weather cooled down. She would rather be outside when she wasn’t wishing she could be inside with the air conditioning.
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