Our neighbor was in a car accident

When I heard our neighbor had a serious car accident, I wanted to go over and see if there was anything I could to help him out.

He was out of the hospital after just a couple days in the hospital, but he was pretty much bedridden because of his injuries.

I went over to say hello to him and let him know that if he needed anything, he could just call. He smiled and told me he could use having the thermostat turned down a bit. He said with all the casts on his body, it felt uncomfortably hot in the room. I turned the thermostat down so I could get him more air conditioning. Before I left, I offered my help for any work she needed done around the house while her husband was laid up in bed. She asked me if I would help her get the fan from the garage and put it in the bedroom. It was too heavy for her to handle alone. She said that if she kept changing the thermostat, there was no way they could afford the energy bills. She was going to put some fans in the bedroom to offset the air conditioning. I had to laugh at the industrial fan that she had in the bedroom. She even bought him a small fan for on the bed stand and a fan that he could wear around his neck. It took all I could do to not laugh at him. After a couple weeks, it was nice to be able to sit and talk to him like we used to do and to have just the air conditioning to keep us cool.

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