The air conditioner didn’t die through the heat wave.

We were going through the first real heat wave of the season.

We had been having a bit of a problem with the air conditioner and I really wanted to call the HVAC company.

I put off making that call and now we have the heat wave. I decided I better give them a call, but to not make it an emergency. I put in the phone call and they told me it was so busy that they couldn’t get to us in about three to four days. In the meantime, I was yelling at the kids every time they went in our out of the house. I told them to close the door when they come in, I told them they had to close the door as they went out. I even yelled at them that they had to stay in or stay out, but I had enough. Every time the door opened, I was mentally calculating how much energy I was wasted by letting the air conditioning go out the door. My thermostat setting was seventy, yet the temperature never went below seventy-eight. Four days later, my air conditioning was still working and the heat wave had ended. The following day the HVAC technician arrived to look at my AC unit. He soon came back in and told me that I had a small leak in the coolant line. He replaced the line and refilled the coolant. He told me we shouldn’t have anymore problems with the air conditioning. I was grateful for the easy fix, but I only wished I had called the HVAC company a month ago when I thought about it.

Cooling technician