I fixed their HVAC system and brought home a piano

When I got my HVAC certification, I always thought that I had a lucrative job to last me the rest of my life.

I never thought this job could ever end up with a barter situation.

I thought that some day I would get my own HVAC company but I never expected to come home with a piano. I had been out fixing this guy’s furnace one day. I told him I could repair the furnace but he would need to have it replaced in a year or so. He was so grateful that I was able to repair his furnace that he gave me his piano as a tip. The piano was beautiful, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I went out to my truck and the piano was on the back. I got back to the office and I asked my boss what I should do with the piano. He told me he had no use for it and if I wanted it, I should take it home. My family was so thrilled when I came home with a piano, but we had to find a way to get it off the truck. I was working on another furnace a couple of days later when I got a call from my boss. He told me that I needed to come back to the office when I was done with this client. I packed up all my tools and headed back to the HVAC office. The man whose furnace I had repaired was standing there with a cake. He was so grateful for my fixing his furnace that he wanted to bring me something more.


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