The air conditioning helps me to sleep

Living in the south meant that I had the air conditioning running both day and night.

It was difficult for me to get to sleep on those few nights that I didn’t have air conditioning and I thought it was just because it was too hot to sleep.

It wasn’t until I moved up north that I realized I had a real problem. I moved during the beginning of summer and I had the air conditioning running. I slept like a baby even though I was in a new home. When fall began and I didn’t need the air conditioning, I found out that I was addicted to the sound of the air conditioning. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do because without the sound of the air conditioning, I wasn’t going to sleep. I went for three nights without any sleep and then I only slept because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. As soon as my body was all slept out, I went back to not being able to sleep again. I had to find a way to get the noise I needed to be able to sleep. It wasn’t until we had to run the furnace that I found I had the answer. I was getting angry at my wife because she was able to sleep and that was putting a lot of friction on our relationship. With the furnace, I had noise again. I realized it was too quiet in the house for me to sleep. When spring came around again, we set up a small fan in the room and the sound of the fan was enough to lull me to sleep.


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