It’s a good thing I watch TV or I wouldn’t have seen that HVAC company advertisement

My parents always say it’s not good for me, but I love watching all kinds of TV shows.

I watch shows on cable TV and also I enjoy using different streaming services.

Netflix is pretty good for the most part, I love to binge-watch a lot of these TV series. There was a time when I used to watch Hulu, but then my parents decided to get rid of that for some reason. They kept Netflix though so I was happy about that. It wasn’t too long ago when I started seeing a bunch of commercials about this new HVAC company in town. My parents don’t usually watch TV so they knew nothing about the new HVAC company and their advertisements. I was thinking that they had such good deals going on, I had to tell my parents about it. When I told them that all new customers would get a free smart thermostat and 50% off new HVAC system installations, they got really excited about it and asked me for the number. Lucky for them, I did write the number down for the HVAC company. Before I knew it, my parents were having a brand new HVAC system installed in the household. This was a great thing because the old HVAC system was struggling a little to keep up with the temperature control settings. The new HVAC system was entirely impressive and the smart thermostat was really cool. I couldn’t personally use the smart app because I didn’t have a smartphone, but my parents were always raving about how wonderful it was. We were saving a lot of money on the energy bills, and it was so much more comfortable in the household with the new HVAC system.


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