A wood frame for the outdoor HVAC

I saw online that people can make wood frames around their HVAC unit. Most people have central HVAC, which means there is an outdoor unit connected to the house. The outdoor unit is giant, rusty and a huge eyesore. My outdoor unit is right in front of the house in my garden. I hate that my HVAC is the first thing I see when I pull in from work. Online, people had wood boxes around the HVAC. It was almost like a little pen for it. With the right wood and measured correct, the box could look classy. I think I want to do this for my component. I could make the garden more of a focus rather than my heating and cooling device. I just need to find someone to do the work. I know I am not capable of measuring, cutting wood and setting it up right. I also don’t want to mess something up with my HVAC machine. I am sure the wood has to be certain inches apart so that the airflow is not restricted. I bet the type of wood affects it as well. That is why I want to get a professional to install it. I also have a question. Can I have plants wind around the wood? Would that block the HVAC systems airflow and cause higher energy bills? I would love to have vines wrap around the wood to make it almost look whimsical. That might be bad for the HVAC though. Next thing I know I will have a hefty HVAC repair.



Cooling specialist