New gym with new HVAC

We didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable while they were working out

We’ve been in our new building at the gym for about nine months now. They started building a big new gym center last year, since our gym had grown so much over the past six years. They saved up a lot of money and they ended up paying cash for the new gym. When it was time to install the HVAC system, we had lots of different local HVAC companies come and bid on the job. We knew that with a building the size of the new gym, we were going to need to install a commercial heating and cooling system. We have anywhere from one hundred to two hundred people in the building at any given time, and so there definitely has to be great indoor air quality inside the new gym. We are very particular about the heating and air conditioning temperatures, too. We actually had a big meeting about the temperature that our thermostats should be set at. We didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable while they were working out. So we ended up using this local commercial HVAC company who told us that their HVAC system was the best one in the business for a building like the gym. Now we are seven months into having the new building and we are already having issues with the HVAC system! We paid a ton of money for it and it’s under warranty, but I’m afraid that this is a bad sign for the years to come with this particular HVAC company.


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