My partner is consistently cold

I live in a part of the country that gets actually chilly Winter time weather, the Winter time season starts in November and normally lasts well through May around here; I have lived in this section our whole life so I am used to the chilly weather that the two of us get each year while I was in the winter! However, our wifey is not from here and she absolutely hates the chilly weather.

I wish that our wifey love the chilly weather because all she does while I was in the Winter time time is complain about how chilly she is in the house.

I have tried several things to get her to stop complaining because it is absolutely getting old at this point. I was talking to a couple of our buddies about it and asked them if they had any advice for myself and others about getting our wifey to love the chilly weather; My buddies didn’t have any advice on how to get our wifey to love the chilly weather, however they did have a few suggestions on how to keep the house warmer. They recommended that I get a couple of space furnaces and locale them around the house to help keep the house warmer. They said if I got a few space furnaces it would absolutely help supplement our current heating proposal and absolutely help to hot up the house so that our wifey would stop complaining so much. I absolutely hope this helps because I am absolutely starting to get frustrated by our wifey’s complaints about how chilly it is all the time.

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